I was given the freedom to explore visual styles for the story of Ransom's Vermouth. I used macro and a simple score to conjure the poetry of place and highlight Ransom's organoleptic approach.

I have a love/hate relationship with Political Ads. When I'm hired to write, I'm all in! I wrote, directed, and photographed this spot for TV and social media. And yes, Juan was elected.

This was the first project I created for Ransom. I wrote, directed and edited this piece while sharing the cinematography duties with my dear friend Russ Eaton.

I wrote, directed and shot this political ad. Always challenging  to work with non-actors, but Kathy came through big-time.  And yes, she was elected. Despite being dramatically outspent on the campaign.

Producing this in-house documentary was a life changing experience. Working long hours along the coast of Maine telling an amazing story on a shoestring budget and a small ragtag crew... Magical!

This is a condensed example of the music education videos I created for the non-profit Music Workshop. For the past 6 years as Creative Director, I did it all.  I've never been more exhausted or proud.

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